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Music You Can Read® Thumb Drive

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Sight Reading and Music Literacy for the General Music Teacher – Grades K-5

Thumb Drive$99.00
(less than .15 cents per song)

750 songs
Grade Level Index 

Alphabetical Index

All songs are presented in seven formats: 

  • beats
  • rhythm
  • solfeggio
  • pitch numbers
  • pitch letter names
  • text/lyrics
  • music only




Music You Can Read®

Thumb Drive$99.00
(less than .15 cents per song)

Music You Can Read® Complete Series K-5 – The best return on your investment! Bringing music literacy to your school today and for generations to come.

We recognize our primary customers are classroom music teachers with limited budgets. For this reason we now offer this thumb drive. Music You Can Read® is an affordable, transportable, music literacy curriculum which will serve you, and your students, throughout your teaching career.

750 songs
Grade Level Index – Alphabetical Index

All songs are presented in seven formats

164 Pitch Warm-upsSolfeggio and Pitch Numbers

7 Rhythm Warm-ups

15 Recorder Fingering Charts 
Beginning Recorder Songs (color coded)

  1. Long-legged Sailor” – BAG
  2. Star Light Star Bright” – EGA
  3. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” – EGA
  4. Lightly Row” – CDEFG
  5. Are You Sleeping” – DGABCDE

8 Keyboard Scale Fingering Charts
     left and right hand (color coded)

9 Color and B/W Keyboard Wall Posters

13 Ukulele Chord Charts w/Tuning Chart (color coded)

28 Secret Code Music History/Composer Puzzles

30 Seek and Find Word Puzzles
(including answer keys)

37 Card Templates

9 Translation Puzzles (primary grades)

4 Note Words Puzzles 

4 Tic-Tac-Toe Puzzles

  • Music Symbols
  • Pitch Letter Names (G/F clefs)
  • Dynamic Symbols
  • Italian Tempo Markings

4 Kodaly Hand Sign Wall Posters

  • Hand Signs
  • On Staff
  • Key of F major


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