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1st Recorder Song – “Long-Legged Sailor”



Introducing the fermata with a challenging ‘hand jive.’

▪ Grade: Second
▪ Origin: USA – Game Chant
▪ Key: G Major
▪ Time: 4/4
▪ Form: ABAB
Rhythm: beginners: | ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti | ta ti ti ta ti ti | ta ti ti ti ti ti ti |
Pitches: beginners: Do Re Mi
Intervals: beginners: Do/Mi, Mi\Do
▪ Musical Elements: notes: quarter, eighth; pickup beat, multiple fermatas
▪ Key Words: game song, none-sense song, sailor, meet, met, long, short, knock-kneed, bow-legged, cross-legged
▪ Recorder: beginners: grades 3-5, first Beginning Recorder Song – for setting up recorder center/station and teaching the first recorder song see: Lesson Plan
▪ Keyboard: beginners: excellent three finger exercise for left, right, and two hands at once

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