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Music Notes, Inc., publishes Music You Can Read®, a music curriculum and database developed by elementary music teachers. Music You Can Read® teaches ALL children how to read music, vocal and instrumental, during their primary and elementary school years.

Music You Can Read® transforms the elementary music classroom into an elementary music conservatory. All children begin reading vocal music using their own unique instrument. Students transfer vocal reading to fine motor development playing available instruments, at the student’s pace.

Our Teacher Tutorials provide illustrations and best practices for transitioning from rote to music literacy and offer correlations to math, science, language, and art. Upon completion, your students will identify and understand the music symbols found within their grade level.

Song Descriptions offer detailed analysis of all selections in the Music You Can Read® database. Rhythm, Pitches, and Pitch Intervals are categorized as beginning, intermediate, and advanced, offering the instructor guidance in meeting their objectives and setting student expectations.

Described as, “…the best materials available” for teaching elementary music, Music You Can Read® makes the language of music accessible to all children!

Your materials appear to be based on premises that most music teachers can support, and they appear to be entirely consistent with the national standards for music education. I believe our profession needs more of the kind of initiatives you are taking, and I wish you every success.

Paul Lehman, Chairman
National Standards in Music Education

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Music You Can Read® is represented in over 600 schools in the United States and around the world!