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"Jefferson and Liberty" Lyrics, Text Format
"Jefferson and Liberty" Lyrics, Text Format

Syncopation on 6/8 time, feeling duple meter in 6/8,
submediant (vi/Fm) and dominant (V/Eb) arpeggios,
lowered/natural dominant (Se).



  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: Ireland/USA – music: Irish Jig: The Gobby-O
    words: Traditional
  • Key: F minor (pitched in A flat Major)
  • Time: 6/8
  • Form: AB – verse/refrain
  • Rhythm: beginners: | ta ti ti ti ti | ta ti ta ti | syncopation, | ti ti ti ta ti | syncopation,
    | ti ti ti ti ti ti | ta ti ta ti ri | syncopation
  • Pitches: intermediate: Mi Se So La Ti Do Re Mi Fa So – natural dominant (Se)
  • Intervals: intermediate: M2: La\Se; m3: Do\La, La/Do, Ti\So, Ti/Re, So/Ti, So8\Mi; M3: Do/Mi8; P4: La\Mi/La, La8\Mi; P5: Ti\Mi; arpeggios: ascending submediant La/Do/Mi (vi/Fm), descending dominant Re\Ti\So (V/Eb)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted quarter, quarter, eighth, sixteenth; pickup beat, repeat signs, multiple endings, fermata, accidental: natural dominant (Se), syncopation in 6/8, feeling duple meter in 6/8, repeated melodic rhythm patterns, verse/refrain
  • Key Words: world geography: Ireland, Irish Jig: “Gobby-O”; Europe; USA, Georgia, Lake Champlain, Mississippi, Columbia, presidential campaign rally song; gloomy, reign of terror, gags, inquisitors, spies, hordes, harpies, tyrants, varied, clime, dales, majesty, sublime, immortal, prevails, illustrious, virtues, assume, sway, temple, preside, immense, hireling, tyranny, lording, gorging jaws, industry, bigot, amidst, abundant, nobler, spread, lofty, dreary, humble, expanded, sect, sacred, privilege, worship, Deity, thine, fought, inspiration, glorious, foes, dread, ye, proclaim; abbreviations: o’er (over), hallow’d (hallowed), e’er (ever), array’d (arrayed), injur’d (injured), compell’d (compelled), laurel’d (laureled), mem’ries (memories)

“Jefferson and Liberty”

The gloomy night before us flies,
The reign of terror now is o’er;
Its gags, inquisitors and spies,
Its hordes of harpies are no more.
Rejoice, Columbia’s sons, rejoice
To tyrants never bend the knee
But join with heart, and soul and voice
For Jefferson and Liberty.
O’er vast Columbia’s varied clime
Her cities, forests, shores, and dales;
In riding majesty, sublime,
Immortal liberty prevails.
3. Hail! long expected glorious day
Illustrious memorable morn:
That freedom’s fabric from decay
Secures – for millions yet unborn.
4. His country’s glory, hope and stay,
In virtues and in talents tried;
Now rises to assume the sway,
O’er freedom’s temple to preside.
5. Within its hallow’d walls immense
No hireling band shall e’er arise;
Array’d in tyranny’s defense,
To hear an injur’d people’s cries.
6. No lordling here with gorging jaws.
Shall wring from industry its food;
No fiery bigot’s holy laws,
Lay waste our fields and streets in blood.
7. Here strangers from a thousand shores
Compell’d by tyranny to roam;
Shall find, amidst abundant stores,
A nobler and a happier home.
8. Here art shall lift her laurel’d head
Wealth industry and peace divine;
And where dark forests lately spread
Rich fields and lofty cities shine.
9. From Europe’s wants and woes remote
A dreary waste of waves between;
Here plenty cheers the humble cot,
And smiles on every village green.
10. Here, free as air’s expanded space,
To every soul and sect shall be;
That sacred privilege of our race,
The worship of the Deity.
11. These gifts, great Liberty, are thine,
Ten thousand more we owe to thee; Immortal may their mem’ries shine,
Who fought and died for Liberty.
12. What heart but hails a scene so bright
What soul but inspiration draws;
Who would not guard so dear a right
Or die in such a glorious cause.
13. Let foes to freedom dread the name,
But should they touch the sacred tree
Twice fifty thousand swords would flame,
For Jefferson and Liberty.
14. From Georgia up to Lake Champlain
From seas to Mississippi’s shore;
Ye sons of freedom loud proclaim,
The Reign of Terror is no more.
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