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“Fountain in the Park”

"While Strolling in the Park One Day," Lyrics, Text Format

Syncopation, raised submediant (Fi) and dominant (Si), repeated melodic rhythm patterns/intervals, and changing time signatures.



  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA – Ed Haley (1862-1932) circa. 1880
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 4/4 and 3/4
  • Form: through composed
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ti/ ri ti/ ri ta ta | syncopation, | ta/a/a ta | ta/a ta ta |
    | ti/ ri ti/ ri ta ti/ ri | syncopation, | ta/a/a ti/ ri | syncopation, | ti/ ri ti/ ri ti/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation,
    | ta/ ti ta | syncopation, | ta/a ta | ta (ta) ta |
  • Pitches: intermediate: Fi So Si La Ti Do Re Mi Fa So – raised/sharp subdominant (4, Fi), raised/sharp dominant (5, Si)
  • Intervals: advanced: So/Do\So (P4), La/Re (P4), So/Ti (M3), La\Si/La (m2), So8\Do (P5), Ti\So (M3), So/Do/Mi ascending tonic arpeggio (I, G), Mi\La (P5), Ti/So8 (m6), So8\Mi/So8 (m3), So\Fi/So (m2)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, half, dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth; rest: quarter; changing time signatures: 4/4 to 3/4 to 4/4, pickup beat, vocal slur, toed notes, accidental: sharp, melodic rhythm patterns with repeated interval patterns, raised/sharp subdominant and dominate (Fi, Si), note: tempo seems to slow down in 3/4 time
  • Key Words: USA history, strolling, merry month of May, roguish eyes, moment, poor heat, stole, neatly, raised, polite, remark, lovely, afternoon, fountain in the park, courting song, character education
  • Recorder: advanced: playing in G major, introducing C#, D#, and F#, syncopation, tonic arpeggio, ascending minor sixth (F#/D8), time signature changes: 4/4 to 3/4 to 4/4

“The Fountain in the Park”
also known as
“While Strolling in the Park One Day”

While strolling through the park one day,
All in the merry month of May,
I roguish pair of eyes they took me by surprise
In a moment my poor heart she stole away.

Oh, a sunny smile was all she gave to me
And of course we were as happy as can be.

So neatly I raised my hat and made a polite remark,
I never shall forget that lovely afternoon,
When I met her at the fountain in the park.

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