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"Three Blind Mice" Lyrics, Text Format

Four part round with advanced syncopation, a dotted eighth rest, triplets, and mastering the perfect fourth (P4) So/Do\So.



  • Grade: First
  • Origin: England – Traditional Round
  • Key: C Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: ABCcca
  • Rhythm: advanced: | ta ta ta (ta) | ta ti/ ri ta (ta) | syncopation, | ta ti/ ri ta (ti/) ri | syncopation,
    | ti/ ri ti-ti-ti ti/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation,
    | ti-ti-ti ti-ti-ti ti/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation,
    | ti-ti-ti ti-ti-ti ti-ti-ti ti/ ri | syncopation
  • Pitches: intermediate: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
  • Intervals: intermediate: So/Do, Mi/So, So/Do8,
  • Musical Elements: notes: quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth; rest: quarter, dotted eighth; triplets, syncopation, four part round, singing in four parts, melodic rhythm patterns
  • Key Words: world geography: England; carving knife, such a sight; possessive: farmer’s wife
  • Recorder: intermediate: grades 3,4,5 dotted eighth rest, triplets, mastering the perfect fourth: tonic\dominate/tonic (C\G/C)

“Three Blind Mice”

Three blind mice, three blind mice.
See how they run, see how they run.
They all ran after the farmer’s wife.
She cut off their tails with the carving knife,
Did ever you see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

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