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"Sleep, Baby, Sleep" Lyrics, Text Format

Introducing the minor seventh (m7) So/Fa
while extending the vocal range.



  • Grade: Kindergarten
  • Origin: Germany – Folk Song
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 2/4
  • Form: ABCA
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ta ti ti | ta (ti) ti | ti ti ta |
    | ta/a |
  • Pitches: advanced: So Do Re Mi Fa So
  • Intervals: advanced: So/Mi, So/Fa (m7), Fa\Re, Re/So
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, quarter, eighth; rest: eighth; running eighth notes, minor seventh So/Fa
  • Key Words: world geography: Germany; lullaby, sheep, dreams, dreamland, father, mother

“Sleep, Baby, Sleep”

1.Sleep, baby, sleep
Thy father tends the sheep.
Thy mother shakes the dreamland tree
And down come all the dreams for thee.
Sleep, baby, sleep


Sleep, baby, sleep
Your cottage vale is deep.
The little lamb is on the green
With snowy fleece so soft and clean.
Sleep, baby, sleep

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