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Pat-A-Pan Text Format

Minor tonality and a raised dominate (Si) add a different color to this onomatopoetic title.




  • Grade: Fourth (4)
  • Origin: Traditional French Carol
    Bernard de La Monnoye (1641-1728)
  • Key: D minor
  • Time: 2/2
  • Form: ABC
  • Rhythm: beginners: | ta ta ta ta | ta ti ti ta ta | ta\a ta\a | ta\a ti ti ti ti | ta/a ta ta |
  • Pitches: intermediate: Si La Ti Do Re Mi – raised dominate Si
  • Intervals: intermediate: La/Mi (P5), MI\Do (M3), Re\Ti (m3), Ti/Mi (P4), Ti\Si (m3), Do\La (m3)
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, quarter, eighth; rests: none; minor tonality, the 6th/La of the relative major D-Major is the tonal center, repeated melodic and rhythm patterns, raised dominate (5th-Si)
  • Key Words: World Geography: France; French Carol, Bernard de La Monnoye, Christmas Carol, Bible Story, sacred, flute, drum, tune, King of Kings, God, Christmas day, praise, onomatopoeia: the sound of a drum; pat-a-pan


Willie take your little drum;
Robin bring your flute and come.
When you hear the tune you play.
Tu-re-lu-re-lu, pat-a-pat-a-pan,
When you hear the tune you play
On the joyful holiday.
When the man of olden days,
Gave the King of Kings their praise,
They had pipes on which to play,
Tu-re-lu-re-lu, pat-a-pat-a-pan,
They had pipes on which to play
Full of joy on Christmas day.
3. God and man this day become
Joined as one with flute and drum,
Let the happy tune play on,
Tu-re-lu-re-lu, pat-a-pat-a-pan,
Flute and drum together play
As we sing on Christmas day.
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