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"The Old Ark," Lyrics, Text Format

Syncopation on the second half of the first beat (& of 1) occurs 8 times, limited range, and practicing the intervals of the tonic triad, save one; Do/La (M6).



  • Grade: Fourth
  • Origin: USA – African American Spiritual
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 2/4
  • Form: through composed
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ti ta ti | syncopation (x8),
    | ta/a | ti ti ti ti | ta ta | ta/ ti | syncopation,
    | ti ri ta ti | syncopation, | ti ti ta |
  • Pitches: beginners: Do Re Mi So La – pentatonic scale
  • Intervals: intermediate: Do/Mi, Mi\Do, Do/Mi/So ascending tonic arpeggio, Mi/So\Mi, Do/La
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, dotted quarter, quarter; syncopation, two double barlines, verse/refrain, changing rhythms to match verse syllables; tempo: moderately
  • Key Words: USA history, African American History, Bible stories, story of the Ark, Noah’s Ark, Noah, reel, rock, mountain top, rainbow sign, children, along, God, sacred

“The Old Ark” 
1. Old Ark she reel, Old Ark she rock;
Old Ark a sitting on the mountain top.
Old Ark a-moving, moving,
Children won’t you come along?
Old Ark a-moving, I thank God!
Old Ark she reel, Old Ark she rock;
Old Ark a sitting on the mountain top.
God called Noah from the mountain top.
Command old Noah to build his ark.
3. God told Noah by the rainbow sign,
No more water but fire next time.
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