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"Now Let Me Fly," Lyrics, Text Format

Intermediate syncopation, pentatonic scale, and
multiple tied notes to promote breath support.



  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA – African American Spiritual
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: ABA – refrain/verse/refrain
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ti ta ta/a/_|_a/a/a ta | syncopation, (_=tie), | ta ti ti ti ti ti ti | ta/a/a (ta) |
    | ta ta ti/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation, | ti/ ri ti/ ri ta/a | syncopation, | ta ta ta/a | ti/ ri ti/ ri ta ti/ ri | syncopation
  • Pitches: beginners: So La Do Re Mi So – pentatonic scale
  • Intervals: intermediate: Do\La (m3), So/Do/Mi/So ascending tonic arpeggio (I, G), So\Mi\Do descending tonic arpeggio (I, G), La/Do (m3), Mi\So (M6)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, half, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth; rest: quarter; pickup beat, tied notes, syncopation, tonic arpeggios, D.C. al Fine, Fine, refrain/verse/refrain, two double barlines
  • Key Words: USA history, African American history, sacred, chariot wheel, working, Promised Land, shake her hand, hypocrite, street, teeth, lie; contractions: gonna (going to), ain’t (is not); abbreviations: partic’lar (particular), ’bout (about), shakin’ (shaking); Southern US dialect: yonder (a place down the way), wanta (want to), de (the)
  • Recorder: intermediate: tonic arpeggios, long tied notes promote breath support

“Now Let Me Fly” 
Now let me fly,
Now let me fly,
Now let me fly way up high,
Way in the middle of the air.
1. Way down yonder in the middle of the field,
See me working at the chariot wheel.
Not so partic’lar ’bout working at the wheel,
But I just want to see how the char’iot feels.
I got a mother in the Promise Land,
Ain’t gonna stop till I shake her hand.
Not so partic’lar ’bout shakin’ her hand,
But I just wanta get up in de Promise Land.
3. Meet that hypocrite on the street
First thing he does is show his teeth.
Next thing he does is to tell a lie
And the best thing to do is to pass him by.
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