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Morning Has Broken Text Format

Practicing the ascending tonic arpeggio and descending tonic triad.



Grade: Fifth (5)

Origin: Traditional Gaelic Melody
Words: Eleanor Farjeon

Key: C Major

Time: 3/4

Form: ABCD

Rhythm: intermediate: | ta ta ta | ta/a/a | ta/ ti ta | syncopation

Pitches: intermediate: Do Re Mi So La Ti Do Re

Intervals: intermediate: Do/Mi/So/Do8 ascending tonic arpeggio, Re\Ti (m3), So\Do (P4), So\Mi\Do descending tonic triad, So\Mi/So (m3), So/Do8 (P4), Do\La (m3), La\Re (P5)

• Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; rests: quarter; tied notes, syncopation, repeated melodic patterns, vocal slurs

• Key Words: Geography: Scotland, Gaelic; morning, blackbird, spoken, praise, sacred, singing, rain, sunlit, heaven, dew, grass, earth science, garden, Eden, fresh, sweetness, elation, completeness, recreation, His feet, God

“Morning Has Broken”
1. Morning has broken,
Like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken,
Like the first bird.
Praise for the singing,
Praise for the morning.
Praise for them springing,
Fresh from the world.
2. Sweet the rain’s new fall,
Sunlit from heaven.
Like the first dewfall,
On the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness,
Of the wet garden.
Sprung in completeness,
Where his feet pass.
3. Mine is the sunlight,
Mine is the morning.
Born of the one light,
Eden saw play.
Praise with elation,
Praise ev’ry morning.
God’s recreation,
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