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“Songs of a Little Child’s Day”
At the Farm

"Milk for Supper" Lyrics, Text Format

Singing up from Do to La.



  • Grade: First
  • Origin: Emilie Poulsson, Eleanor Smith
  • Key: E Flat Major
  • Time: 2/4
  • Form: rhythm: ABAB pitches: AaBC
  • Rhythm: beginners: | ti ti ti ti | ti ti ta |
  • Pitches: beginners: Do Re Mi Fa So La
  • Intervals: intermediate: So\Mi, Mi\Do, La\Fa, Do/Mi, Mi/So, Re\Ti
  • Musical Elements: notes: quarter, eighth; tempo: allegretto/moderately fast (98-109 BPM); dynamics: mezzo forte/ medium loud
  • Key Words: farm life, milking a cow, supper, spread, bowl, pictures, loaf, bread, sweet, cowbells, pasture


“Milk for Supper”

Where’s the milk for Baby’s supper?
Here’s the little table spread;
Here’s his bowl with pictures on it,
Here’s a loaf of bread sweet bread,


Oh, the milk will soon be ready,
Down the road the cowbells ring.
Cows are coming from the pasture,
Milk for Baby’s bowl they bring.

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