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Feeling of duple meter in 6/8.



  • Grade: Fifth (5)
  • Origin: Ireland – Music: Shamus O’Connor – Words: John J Stamford – circa 1889
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 6/8
  • Form: ABAbCBDb
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ta ti ti ti ti | ta ti ta ti | ti ti ti ti ti ti | ta/a/ ti | ta ti ta ti | ta/ ta/ | ti ti ti ta/ ti | ta/ ta ti |
  • Pitches: advanced: So Do Re Mi Fa So
  • Intervals: intermediate: So\Mi (m3), Do\So (P4), So/Mi M6), So8\Do (P5)
  • Musical Elements: • notes: dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; rests: none; running eighth notes, syncopation, feeling of duple meter in 6/8 where one beat is equal to a dotted quarter, tied notes, rhythm changes with verse syllables
  • Key Words: • Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day, leader of the band, although, finest, wakes, weddings, funerals, march from Saul, rehearsing, affair, annual, celebration, gentry, General Grant, Uncle Yulis, Sweden, march, ladies, grand, shout, Irish band, bunch, shamrocks, uniform, funniest, Swede, McCarthy, O’Brians, Ryans, Sheehans, Meehans, Hennessey, Tennessee, yimminy, clang, credit, blaze, pumps, tootles, musical instruments: bass drum, drums, cymbals, bazoon, bagpipes, flute


“MacNamara’s Band”

1 Oh!, me name is McNamara, I’m the leader of the band,
Although we’re few in numbers we’re the finest in the land.
We play at wakes and weddings, and at every fancy ball,
And when we play at funerals we play the march from Saul.
Oh! the drums go bang, and the cymbals clang,
and the horns they blaze away,
McCarthy pumps the old bazoon while I the pipes do play;
And, Hennessey Tennessey tootles the flute,
and the music is somethin’ grand,
A credit to old Ireland is McNamara’s Band!
2 Right now we are rehearsin’ for a very swell affair,
The annual celebration, all the gentry will be there.
When General Grant to Ireland came, he took me by the hand,
Says he, “I never saw the likes of McNamara’s Band.”
3 Oh my name is Uncle Yulis and from Sweden I have come,
To play with McNamara’s Band and beat the big bass drum,
And when I march along the street the ladies think I’m grand,
They shout “There’s Uncle Yulis playing with an Irish band.”
4 Oh! I wear a bunch of shamrocks and a uniform of green,
And I am the funniest looking Swede that you have ever seen.
There’s O’Briens and Ryans and Sheehans and Meehans,
they come from Ireland,
But by Yimminy I’m the only Swede in McNamara’s Band.
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