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"Little Sally Walker" Lyrics, Text Format

Advanced syncopated rhythms across the barline with an ascending tonic arpeggio in a pentatonic scale.



  • Grade: Third (3)
  • Origin: African American Singing Game
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: ABA
  • Rhythm: advanced: | ti ti ti ti ta ta | ti ta ta/a/ | ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti | ta ti ti ta ti ti_|_ti (ta) ti ti ti ta ti ti | ti ta ti ti ti ti ti | ti ta ta/ (ta) | ti ti ti ti ta (ta) |
  • Pitches: beginners: So La Do Re Mi So – Pentatonic Scale
  • Intervals: intermediate: Do/Mi/So8 ascending tonic arpeggio, So8\Do (P5), So/Do (P5), Mi\La (P5)
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, quarter, eighth; rests: quarter; tied notes with syncopation (measures 5-6), ascending tonic arpeggio, pentatonic scale
  • Key Words: • nursery rhyme, moving to music, circle game song, circle song, walking to a steady beat.

“Little Sally Walker”


Little Sally Walker
Sitting on a saucer,
Weeping and a-moaning
Over all she’s done.
Rise, Sally, rise,
Wipe your weeping eyes.
Put your hands on your hips,
And let your backbone slip.
Swing it to the east,
Swing it to the west,
Swing it to the very one
That you love the best.


Make a circle holding hands, except for “Sally”
who stands in the middle covering her eyes.
The circle spins around Sally singing.
Sally rubs her eyes pretending to cry.
Extending an arm Sally turns to the right/left.
At the end of the song the circle stops.
The player Sally points to takes Sally’s place.


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