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“Songs of a Little Child’s Day”

"A Little Dancing Song" Lyrics, Text Format

A short tune with advanced intervals.



  • Grade: First
  • Origin: Emilie Poulsson, Eleanor Smith
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 2/4
  • Form: ABCD
  • Rhythm: beginners: | ta ti ti | ta ta | ta (ta) |
  • Pitches: intermediate: La Ti Do Re Mi Fa So La
  • Intervals: advanced: So\Re, Fa\Re, Re/So, So\Mi, Mi\Do, Re\La, Ti\So, La/Do, Do\So, So/Re, Re/Fa, La\Fa, Mi/So, Do\La
  • Musical Elements: notes: quarter, eighth; rests: quarter; tempo: allegro giocoso/fast, quickly and bright, merrily/funny (109-132 BPM), poco ritardando, a tempo, dynamics: mezzo forte/medium loud, forte/loud, crescendo, decrescendo, horizontal accent: sing/play the note louder
  • Key Words: play songs, dancing, float, around, follow, music’s (possessive), sound, point, heel, toe, bow, low

“A Little Dancing Song”

Now in the dance we’ll float around,
Follow the music’s merry sound.
Point heal and toe,
Bow very low,
Dancing and dancing away we go.

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