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"Deedle, Deedle, Dumpling" Text Format

Practicing Orff’s beginning interval with changing rhythms.


  • Grade: Kindergarten
  • Origin: England – Game Song
  • Key: C Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: ABCa
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ti ti ti ti ta ta | ta ta ta/a |
    | ta ta ta ta | ta ta ta ti ti |
  • Pitches: beginners: Mi So La
  • Intervals: beginners: So\Mi, Mi/So
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, quarter, eighth; two part round/canon, singing in parts – reinforces Orff beginning interval So\Mi
  • Key Words: world geography: England; rhyme, stockings, bed, one, shoe, off, on

“Deedle, Deedle, Dumpling”

Deedle, deedle, dumpling, my song John,
Went to bed with his stockings on;
One shoe off and one shoe on,
Deedle, Deedle, dumpling, my song John.

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