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Life in the Army



Syncopation on the second half of the first beat (& of 1) and an ascending tonic arpeggio.

  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA – Traditional
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: AB – verse/refrain
  • Rhythmintermediate: | ti ti ti ti ti ta ti | syncopation, | ti ti ti ti ta/ ti | ta/ ti ti ti ti ti | ta ta ta/ (ti) |
    ti ta ti ti ti ta | syncopation, | ta/a/a (ti) ti |
  • Pitches: intermediate: so la ti do re mi fa so
  • Intervalsbeginners: so/do (P4), ti\so (m3), so/re (P5), do\la (m3), so/do/mi (ti)/so8 ascending tonic arpeggio (I, G), so8\mi (m3), re/so8 (P4)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; rest: eighth; pickup beat, syncopation, tonic arpeggio, verse/refrain
  • Key Words: USA history, Armed Services, military song, camp song, scout song, biscuits, mighty fine, rolled, killed, friend, coffee, mud, water, tastes, iodine, chicken, drumsticks, beating time, enough, army life, gee me, hey me, I wanna go home
  • Recorderintermediate: introducing F sharp, ascending tonic arpeggio

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