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The pentatonic scale with an ascending tonic arpeggio do/mi/so and a descending submediant arpeggio mi\do\la.

  • Grade: Fourth
  • Origin: USA, Kentucky – Play Song
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 2/4
  • Form: staves: ABACD – song: AB, verse/refrain
  • Rhythmbeginners: | ti ti ti/ ri | ti ti ta | ta/a | ti/ ri ta |
  • Pitches: beginners: la do re mi so la – pentatonic scale
  • Intervalsintermediate: mi/so, la8\mi, do/mi/so ascending tonic arpeggio, do\la/do, mi\do\la descending submediant arpeggio (Dm), la/mi, la/do
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth; tonic arpeggio, vi arpeggio (Dm), contrasting straight rhythms to dotted rhythms (measures 1/3, 5/7, and 9-12), verse/refrain
  • Key Words: USA history, USA geography: Kentucky, jubilee (50th anniversary), dance tune, jubilee dance, railroad, hard work, farm work, easy work, horse, rocky road, true love, arm, half a chance, up and down, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, contractions: I’d (I would), they’ll (they will); abbreviations: swingin’ (swinging), crawlin’ crawling), darlin’ (darling); homonym: see/sea

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