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Good King Wenceslas


Good King Wenceslas

Step wise movements with three perfect fourths.





Good King Wenceslas

  • Grade: Fourth
  • Origin: Czech Republic – Old English Tune – Dr. Neale
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: AACD
  • Rhythm: beginners: | ta ta ta ta | ta/a ta/a | 
 | ta/a/a/a |
  • Pitches: beginners: so la ti do re mi fa so
  • Intervals: beginners: do\so (P4), do/so (P5), re/so (P4), do/fa\do (P4)
  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, half, quarter; melody moves primarily by steps, three perfect fourths
  • Key Words: Christmas carol, world geography: Czech Republic, based on real people (see below)

“Good King Wenceslas” is a Christmas carol telling the story of a king going on a journey in winter weather to give alms to the poor on the Feast of Stephen (December 26). The legend is based on the life of the historical Saint Wenceslaus I in Czech (907– 935).

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