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A natural tonic (di), sharped second (ri), flat third (me), with tonic and dominant octave skips, while extending the vocal range, makes this famous march challenging and fun!

  • Grade: Third
  • Origin: music: John P. Sousa – words: unknown
  • Key: E flat Major
  • Time: 2/2 (counted in 4/4)
  • Form: AB
  • Rhythmintermediate: | ta/a ta ta | ta/a ta ta | ta/a ta/ ti | syncopation, | ta/a/a ta | ta ta/a/a | ta ta ta ta | ta/a (ta) ta | ta (ta) ta/a |
  • Pitchesadvanced: so la ti do di re ri me mi fa so la do
  • Intervals: advanced: mi\ri (raised 2nd), ri/mi, mi/so, so\mi, fa\re, re\di (natural tonic), di/re, re/fa, la\re, re/so, ti/re, do/me (lowered 3rd), do/do ascending tonic octave skip, do\do descending octave skip, so\do, so\so descending dominant octave skip, la/mi
  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, dotted half, half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; rest: quarter; multiple tied notes, pickup beat, flat, sharp, natural, vocal slur, octave skips
  • Key Words: John Phillip Sousa, “The Stars and Strips Forever,” patriotic tunes, nonsense lyrics, animal science, duck, swamp, mother, another, nearly, damp, alone, friends, one and only; hyphenated: web-footed

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