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"Dale, Dale, Dale"

"The Piñata Song"


"Dale, Dale, Dale"
"Piñata Song"
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"Dale, Dale, Dale," "Piñata Song" Lyrics, Text Format Click to enlarge.

Time signature change: 4/4 to 2/4 to 4/4, tonic arpeggios, three perfect fourths (P4), and a diminished fourth (d4).

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  • Grade: Fifth

  • Origin: Mexico - Folk Song

  • Key: C Major

  • Time: 4/4 - 2/4 - 4/4, two time changes

  • Form: phrases: AaBBbB - song AB

  • Rhythm: intermediate: 4/4: | ta ta ta/ ti | syncopation, | ta/ ti ta ti/ ri | syncopation,
    | ta ta ta ta | ta/a/a/ (ti) | 2/4: | ti ti ti ti | ta ta |
    | ta/a | 4/4: | ta/a/ (ti) (ta) (pickup beat) |

  • Pitches: intermediate: Do Re Mi Se So La Ti Do - lowered/flat dominate (5, Se)

  • Intervals: intermediate: Do/Mi/So/Do8 ascending tonic arpeggio (I, C), Do8\La (m3), So\Mi\Do descending tonic arpeggio (I, C), Re/So\Re (P4), Re/Se (diminished fourth, d4), Mi/La (P4), Ti\So (M3), So/Do8 (P4)

  • Musical Elements: notes: half, dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth; rest: eighth; pickup beat, syncopation, time signature change (feels like a tempo increase), lowered/flat dominate (Se, G flat)

  • Key Words: world geography: Mexico; Piñata Song, party song, dale, pierdas, porque, camino, diste, una, dos, tres, tiempo, acabó, lose, aim, path, once, twice, three, times, finished; contraction: don't (do not), birthday song, Cinco de Mayo celebration song, fiesta song

  • Recorder: advanced: introducing G flat


"Dale, Dale, Dale"

"The Piñata Song"

Dale, dale, dale,
No pierdas el tino;
Porque si lo pierdes
Pierdes el camino.

Ya le diste una,
Ya le diste dos;
Ya le diste tres,
y tu tiempo se acabó.
Go, go, go,
Don't lose your aim;
Because if you lose it
You will lose the path.

You hit it once
You hit it twice
You hit it three times
And your time is finished.


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