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"Yankee Doodle"


"Yankee Doodle"
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"Yankee Doodle" Lyrics, Text Format

Introducing syncopation with English and American history.

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  • Grade: Second

  • Origin: Anglo American - Traditional

  • Key: A flat Major

  • Time: 4/4

  • Form: ABCD

  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ta ta ta ta | ta/a ta ta |
    | ta/a ta/a | ta/ ti ta ta | syncopation | ta ta ta/a |

  • Pitches: intermediate: So La Ti Do Re Mi Fa

  • Intervals: intermediate: Mi\Do, Do/Mi, Re\So, So/Do, Ti\So, Do\La, Ti/Re

  • Musical Elements: notes: half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; syncopation

  • Key Words: USA history, world geography, Seven Years' War, state anthem: Connecticut, doodle (German origins; simpleton), macaroni (1770's wig) Yankee (citizen of north-east USA), riding, pony, feather, dandy (gentleman), step to music, handy, Captain Gooding, hasty pudding (quick-recipe British dessert from 1742), Squire David (English country gentleman), wasted, Captain Washington, slapping, stallion, million, smother, scampered; abbreviations: ev'ry (every), sav'ed (saved); hyphenated: a-giving (a giving)


"Yankee Doodle"

  1. Yankee Doodle went to town,
A riding on a pony;
He stuck a feather in his cap,
And called it macaroni.
    Yankee Doodle keep it up,
Yankee Doodle dandy,
Mind the music and the step,
And with the girls be handy.
Father and I went down to camp,
Along with Captain Gooding;
There we saw the men and boys,
As thick as hasty pudding.
  3. And there we saw a thousand men,
As rich as Squire David;
And what they wasted ev'ry day,
I wish it could be sav'ed.
  4. And there was Captain Washington,
Upon a slapping stallion,
A-giving orders to his men;
I guess there was a million.
  5. But I can't tell you half I saw,
They kept up such a smother;
So I took my hat off, made a bow,
And scampered home to mother.

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